Let your imagination run wild with this theater because all of your audio/visual dreams are about to come true! This room will astound you and your guests as you enjoy audiophile level sound from precisely placed speakers and sharp visual images from your screen! In addition, you will enjoy the luxury aesthetics of tiered seating, drapery systems, LED enhanced ceiling tiles and more. 

Innovation includes: 

•    an LED or plasma TV or a projector screen

•    a customized control app

•    left, center, right speakers

•    a sub

•    surround left and right speakers

•    rear surround left and right speakers

•    acoustical treatment

•    aesthetic treatments​

Innovation Home Theater

This home theater system allows you and your family to enjoy movie night as a special experience right in your own home! The soundbar will fill your whole room with great sound and the subwoofer will add depth to enhance any thriller. We bring the experience, all you have to do is pop the popcorn!  ​​​

Classic includes: 

•    an LED or plasma TV 

•    a universal remote

•    a soundbar

•    a sub​

Classic Home Theater

Home theater can be any number of things.  To us, it is:

An accurate term to describe an innovative system composed from a calculated list of opponents: sound, vision, and control.  A home theater is the selection from very calculated list of components based on the specific desires of the client.  Whether it is a LCD or plasma television with a simple sound bar, or a 200" projection based system with an audio package that has the ability to shake your entire house.  We will make sure we provide a movie experience that you, your family, and friends will enjoy and can't stop talking about.  Sound like fun?  Well, we take it one step further by adding a custom control that even the guests will be able to work with ease.

This home theater is sure to impress guests with a new and exciting experience! Our quality speakers perfectly positioned in your room will work together to recreate the dynamics of the vibrant video you're enjoying. This will become your favorite room in the house!  ​

Performance includes: 

•    an LED or plasma TV or a projector screen 

•    a customized control app 

•    a soundbar or left, center, right speakers 

•    a sub

•    surround left and right speakers​

Performance Home Theater