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Big Block Business Center

3931 Mega Drive #8

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Chris is an original founding partner of AV Performance Innovations. As operations manager of the Morton location of AV Performance Innovations, he oversees the installation, service and sales team. With over two decades of experience as a lead technician he knows exactly what it takes to get the project completed. Whether he is installing a television over a clients fireplace, fine tuning a dedicated theater room or working with his team to implement new business solutions, Chris always gives his best. In addition to the many projects he oversees Chris is a father, an avid brewer, and car enthusiast. His enthusiasm for music and fidelity is currently being shared with many clients and friends. His desire to be the best at what he does represents an unrivaled value. Not to mention that he has experience that has lead to mastery in the following fields: 
Custom Home Theater Systems Design and Installation, Custom Remote Programming, Automated Lighting Control Systems Design and Installation, Wireless Wi-Fi Network Design and Installation, Custom TV Installation, Whole House Vacuum Design and Installation, 2-Channel Hi-Fi Stereo Design and Installation, Commercial Audio Design and Installation, Commercial Video Design and Installation, Home Automation Systems Design and Installation, Surveillance Systems Design and Installation.