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AV Performance Innovations

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Jeff Baker is a lead home theater installation technician at AV Performance Innovations in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Jeff has been with the Company for four years. His strengths are teamwork and great attention to detail. He was employed as part of the Illinois team but jumped at the chance to take the lead technician role in the Carolinas. Jeff has been a true electronics hobbyist his entire life. At a young age Jeff built his own computer and enjoys gaming on his most recent build. When Jeff is not busy on custom installation he enjoys spending time with his pup and going to the beach. Jeff's continued work as a lead technician has lead to the mastery of the following:

​Custom Home Theater Systems Design and Installation, Custom Remote Programming, Automated Lighting Control Systems Design and Installation, Wireless Wi-Fi Network Design and Installation, Custom TV Installation, Whole House Vacuum Design and Installation, 2-Channel Hi-Fi Stereo Design and Installation, Commercial Audio Design and Installation, Commercial Video Design and Installation, Home Automation Systems Design and Installation, Surveillance Systems Design and Installation.